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Brokerage & Trading

Our strategy is to acquire properties in both established and transitioning areas that show potential for repositioning.

Investment Banking

We are driven by passion, accuracy and speed in servicing our clients in order to provide them with best in class available services.

Contracts & Research

In order to satisfy the growing complexity of the market, we continuously offer and implement innovative financial researches.

Internet & Print

Print | Email & search | Gaming Zone| Social Network | Flight Bookings

We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best internet service available. You can enjoy fast access in a secure and comfortable environment. All our computer terminals are equipped with the latest desktop apps, operating systems and Office suites, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Word.

High-quality 22-inch LCD monitors maximise your internet experience, with superb resolution and fast response times, whether you’re casually browsing YouTube, or catching up on your favourite programmes on the BBC, Channel 4 or RTE Players.

Surfing the internet, with no regional restrictions or limitations, opens up the World Wide Web in the true sense. With a blisteringly fast fibre optic broadband connection, custom built quad-core machines and almost endless amounts of RAM, waiting around for the internet to load, will never be an issue again. also specializes in enterprise level internet services. We can host your website or create and host your PrestaShop website, in this growing eCommerce sector.

Hot Desk

As the number of freelancers in Ireland continues to grow, so does the trend for hot desking.

A flexible alternative to traditional office rental, it means you can grab a desk in Cork whenever and wherever suits you, without having to pay eye-watering monthly rents – perfect for small businesses, start-ups and freelancers looking for a professional vibrant workspace.

€6 for 4 hours

  • Hot desk with ultra-fast internet

  • printing, copying & scanning facility

  • City Center location

  • Desks Sanitised to HSE Standard after use

  • Eco Cafe on Site

Money Desk & Parcel Services

Western Union | Bureau De Change | GLS PArcel Shop

Western Union offers you the tried and trusted Western Union money service, the most convenient and secure way to send and receive money worldwide. Western union has outlets in over 200 countries and territories, with various options on how to send and receive funds, including online transfer and cash collection at a Western Union agent location.

GLS Parcel Shop serves as a GLS ParcelShop. GLS provide a reliable, high-quality parcel service as well as express deliveries. With twenty-one subsidiaries and further partner companies, GLS offers parcel dispatch within Ireland and to a further thirty-five European countries. With the added bonus of charging by a parcel’s size as opposed to weight, making GLS the most economical way of shipping your items within Ireland and the rest of Europe.

The maximum parcel size is a whopping, 2m long x 60cm high and 80cm wide, with no weight restriction. The maximum price charged to a European destination is €56, making it cheaper to send your suitcase abroad with GLS, rather than checking it in on a flight. Ryanair Charge €45 for an online booking and €75 for a call centre or airport booking of a 20kg bag during peak season.

Abiding by its founding principles of transparency, reliability, flexibility and security, GLS is a standard bearer in the parcel service and delivery business. Its intelligent IT system allows customers to track their packages as they head for their destinations, so you will have the peace of mind of knowing where it is.

Parcels are delivered within a 24 to 96 hour time frame, depending upon their destination. If a parcel’s receiver is not available when delivery takes place, after a second attempt, the parcel will be delivered to the nearest GLS parcel shop, ready for collection at the recipients’ convenience.

Bureau De Change

We also offer a Bureau De Change service, providing you with the convenience to convert your foreign currency into Euro at competitive rates.

Prepaid Credit Cards & Online Payment Cards

Prepaid credit cards present you with a method of making payments online, and in high street stores and restaurants, without the worry of receiving bills with a high rate of interest, or the stress of a complicated application process. can supply you with a Swirl Prepaid Master Card, for a minimal fee, allowing you the safety and security to pay your bills, shop online or even withdraw cash from ATM’s worldwide. We also provide top ups for the

Other Services

IT Services | PC Software | Designer Dojo | PC Software Repair

VoIP service

VoIP (Voice-over-IP) services, has become an increasingly popular form of communication, since the introduction of Skype. Now you can receive the benefits of a VOIP service in your home or office, enabling you to make all your communication via your internet connection, thus avoiding the charges made by normal telephone services., can install an intercom system that will perform with your current PBX system or alternatively, with IP phones. This will allow you to speak with a client abroad, in real time, or host a video call without worrying about an unreliable connection (specific hardware required).

Thin Client

Thin Client is a diskless desktop terminal, with none of the usual features expected on a desktop PC. All applications, memory etc., are stored on a server and not on the client itself. This allows companies the opportunity to reduce the cost of investment, utilising Thin Client as a cost effective way of replacing your PC technology. Thin Client may also be operated for gaming.

Network Infrastructure, Design and Configuration

If you’re still using traditional methods for connecting to the internet, it’s probably time you upgraded your infrastructure and moved over to fibre optic broadband. Speeding up your overall network, with internet access speeds of up to 100 times faster, is not the only reason to upgrade (although it is a good one). The network itself is far more reliable and robust than your standard broadband, improving the parameters of existing bandwidth and reducing latency, both of which greatly affect your network performance. Basically, Fibre carries more data at faster speeds.

Using NUMT as the registered telecom provider, we can handle IP transit and sever location. You will also be safe in the knowledge that data security is a high priority for us, providing you with 1 -3 factor id authentication.


DesignerDojo is a voluntary initiative set up to teach young people a skill set in 3D modelling and printing. Create your own objects, your own environments, your own worlds- All totally free. This initiative is inspired by the incredibly successful CoderDojo

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